Giveaway Winner and Inspiration For The Day

Congrats to Lara for winning a signed copy of Mother Daze.

It has been raining here for days and when it stops and the sun comes out, my son Eli is going to feel really happy. He has taken it on as his personal mission to save our little willow tree in the backyard. We planted it as a family during a difficult time in my marriage, not too long ago. As things were changing for Patrick and I and we were remembering why we came together 18 years ago, as we were doing lots of talking and listening to one another, it seemed a fitting time to plant this small tree. I have always loved willows, they remind me of my grandparents who lived in Illinois, of a time when things were a bit simpler. When I could go ride a bike when I wanted to or sit and draw for hours. Life changes as we take on more years and more responsibility. The trick is finding ways to stay connected to our needs and our important relationships.

Our little willow started to lose it's leaves as the weather warmed up and the rain slowed down. Eli took notice of the little tree and we gave it some fish emulsion and a nice slow long drink from the hose. Each day after that we would notice Eli outside turning the hose on, saving his little willow. He would sit outside and wait until he felt the willow had just enough to drink. In three days on every place a leaf had fallen off a new tiny leaf had grown in it's place. This little 5 year old was saving the little willow. After 3 days of rain, I am excited for what the tree will look like.

Eli made a connection with this little tree. He decided that it was important for him to take care of it and to nurture it. He was able to turn on and off the hose himself, a skill that last year proved difficult. I had placed a special significance on that tree the day we planted it together as a family, but that tree became Eli's. In his heart, as he watches the tree grow over the years, he will know that he helped to make that happen.

I feel inspired by that. In these small moments there is such abundance of possibility. We can expand our world with small decisions and quiet actions.

Where have you found inspiration lately? Leave a comment and inspire us!