{Living It} With Christine Carr and a Giveaway

Women living in their joy who are guided by their passions are the inspiration behind this series of interviews. Let their joy inspire you towards yours.

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Christine Carr and I met through the internet, a way that I have connected with incredible women who have become my "net-friends." Christine immediately radiated joy through her words to me and I was inspired to share her with you. Why is Christine, mother of three and author of a book written just for mothers, Living It? This is from her blog, "Success to me is not measured in dollars. The real measure of success comes from within. Not the physical attributes but rather how one sees their soul. Have you sprinkled joy? Are you grateful? Do you take the time to apologize? Can people trust you? Do you laugh everyday? Do you welcome & accept constructive criticism? If you are comfortable with your replies, you have the necessary tools to be successful. True success can’t be bought or bottled - it's earned."

Christine is clearly living in her joy as she faces challenges and rough spots like all of us, and yet she is driven to succeed as she leads with her soul.

Hannah Marcotti: Christine, can you tell us about the book and what inspired you to write it?

Christine Carr: Mother Daze focuses on the trials and tribulations of raising young children in today’s society. The story offers a virtual high five to all mothers doing the job. As an elementary school physical education teacher for sixteen years and a busy mother of three, I understand the importance of raising the bar, but how high is too high? At work, I have witnessed thousands of young children demonstrate their ability to rumble, tumble, and fumble. I notice the important need for all children to play fair, be kind, and work well with others… my P.E. activities do not work without it. I believe that life is like a game and we can all benefit from following the rules.

I do not pretend to have this parenting thing all figured out -- there are certainly days that I’m sinking up to my eyeballs like the rest of us. However, Mother Daze reminds us that we all have our hurdles in life… it’s our choice whether or not to jump. These days, parents are overstressed and kid’s lives are consistently over-scheduled. This story dares to tell the truth in a humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining style. Women deserve to be celebrated on a grand scale… mothers are impressive creatures.

HM: What is your power food/meal?

CC: My favorite “power” snack food is made by Kashi – the Go Lean Chewy chocolate/peanut butter protein & fiber bar is THE best. I could live on their products. As for my favorite food, I’m on a bit of a sushi kick. I must admit, though, my favorite fix comes from Whole Foods – the Multi-Grain Rice California Roll is delicious.

HM: What color when you see it or wear it, do you feel connected to?

CC: I love the feel of burgundy. For me, the richness provides comfort. And in clothes, I think the color adds a little warmth and style to any wardrobe.

HM: What is the funniest moment you've had recently?

CC: Recently, while traveling with friends to the Lake Compounce Amusement Park, there seemed to have been a mix-up involving the group’s ticket purchasing. I had paid for our family’s tickets but somehow another family was
short one ticket. Rather than go back and stand in the ridiculously long line, we decided to tell the gal at the turnstile that my youngest daughter Finley was only three… thus allowing her free access into the park. As soon as the woman questioned her age, I said, “She is three.” Finley, confused by my response yelled out, “No I’m not, I’m four.” To which I returned with, “Oh yes, you’ll be four.” And that’s when our ill plan went south because my two other darling, truth- telling children piped up with, “No she’s not. She’s going to be FIVE.” Hysterical! I was completely busted right at the gates. The girl at the entrance didn’t have the heart to send us packing but it sure was funny to get caught in the little, white lie. Live and learn.

HM: Lemons or Limes?

CC: Limes, of course -- I’m thinking Margaritas and Coronas

HM: Chocolate cake or ice cream?

CC: I love both, but I’ll go with chocolate cake.

HM: What song represents your life now?

CC: Boy, that’s a tough one. According to the book, I guess I would have to pick Martina McBride’s “This One’s for the Girls.” For the endless gift of my family and friends, Natalie Merchant’s “Kind and Generous” and for just good- clean-fun, the latest song by B.O.B with Hayley Williams “Airplanes” – it’s a great one to blast in my car.

HM: Chris, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us and for offering this fun giveaway. Are there any upcoming events for readers in the New England area?

CC: Along with fifteen other fabulous women, I will be a part of the Boston cast of Expressing Motherhood. You won't want to miss this. www.expressingmotherhood.com Tickets can be purchased here. The performances will be held at The Durrell Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts on: Thursday, September 30th @ 8PM, Friday, October 1st @ 8PM and Saturday, October 2nd @ 8 PM

On Saturday, October 23rd, from 10:00am – 12:00pm I will be in New Jersey at the Barry D. Brown Health Education Center for Virtua. We’ll share some laughter as moms connect about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of motherhood. There are also several book talk/signings scheduled throughout the fall with various Moms Clubs and Book Clubs. If you are interested in hosting a gathering, contact me directly through www.christine-carr.com


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