FREE Teleclass All About YOU

FREE Teleclass you are not going to want to miss out on. This is time to focus on YOU, identify your areas of imbalance, spot the energy drains and make a plan to invest in YOU.

  • Where have you been investing all of your time, energy, money and thought?
  • What would it feel like to put some of that investment directly into YOU?
  • Is investing in ourselves selfish?
  • What is one place where investment in YOU could yield positive high energy results?

These are some of the questions we are going to look at and answer in the upcoming FREE Teleclass.

The call is on Monday, August 16th at 8:30 pm Eastern time

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[icontact id=4] The call will be live and I will be offering some amazing give-aways to names drawn during the call. Not just one, but multiple names will be drawn. I have never done this before and am so excited to be able to share a gift with you. A gift that will take you to the next level in your self investment. You must be on the call to hear your name drawn and receive your gift. Register now to receive the call in number and add your name to the list of women serious about their investment in themselves.

What are some areas of self investment? Here are some of the areas we will be looking at.

  1. Relationships- with ourselves, with our partners and friends. Where we are gaining or losing energy from these relationships and steps we can take to nurture ourselves and invest in relationships that work.
  2. Moving Bodies- investing in ourselves means making choices that aren't always easy. Like moving our body when we just want to sleep that extra hour.
  3. Passions- remember when you were a kid and could go play outside all day long and create a little fantasy world around you? You were connecting with passion then. We will take some time to remember and connect with that play spirit.
  4. Money- where we chose to put our money and the result of that investment is a source of much energy drain. I know what I'm talking about here!!! We will look at decisions for energy gain and momentum and see where you fall in your investments.
  5. Health- from the mind to the body to the spirit, this is my favorite topic. Our investment in our health from some quiet time alone to organic strawberries to the drive-thru window, each has an energy impact on us and an investment that we can clearly see the results of.

Are you comfortable looking at yourself close-up? This is going to be a gentle process, it's about your process, your goo as I call it.

The close-ups (physically-the pores and wrinkles and emotionally-the fears and walls we put up) can be a challenge, when we proceed with gentleness and guidance, the process simplifies and opens us up to new possibilities.

I want to inspire you to move past your stuck places into greater joy, health, energy and positivity. You will leave the call with the tools, resources and inspiration to invest in YOU.

As added inspiration you will hear from women who I have guided through their own investments in themselves and they will amaze you. These life changing moments they will share are why this investment is of so much value, purpose and inspiration.

Have you signed up yet? Stop waiting for that magic thing that will change your life, that magic is YOU. YOU are the one who can change your life and lead it to the places you dream about.

The call is on Monday, August 16th at 8:30 pm Eastern time

Register Now!!!

[icontact id=4] The call will last for 45 minutes, and then will open for questions. You will want to have a notebook and pen, glass of water and comfy spot to sit while on the call.

Where is one place you know you need to invest further in yourself?

Leave a comment and I will enter your name twice to win a little give-away on the call. Tweet about the teleclass or add this post to your Facebook page, leave a comment for each and increase your chances of winning something that will help guide your investment in yourself. Thanks for help spreading the word!