Woman To Woman

So it began last night, in a beautiful room (so much gratitude for the woman who shared her space with us as my office proved to be too small) with tea, cookies and the women. Seven women and myself, an eighth will join us next week, as we move into the process of positive change. You can never tell someone what to do, they will resist it. A person must discover for themselves, have an experience that allows them to learn. Positive thought sounds impressive, a part of all of us wishes to be positive. If our experience has always been negative, all the talk of positive thought is just that, talk. When you start to practice and experience using positive thoughts, it becomes easier and eventually will fully integrate itself into your speech, your heart and your head.

Positive thought is essential for changing our relationship to food. If we believe that we will always be "fat" or unhealthy, aren't we going to reach for those things which full fill just that? If we start to believe that food can be simple, that we have and deserve healthy energetic bodies, will we seek the foods that will bring us to that body.

Each woman in The Get Real Group has her own unique story. The connection is motherhood. Of placing focus on children and loosing focus on self and relationships. It is the way food gets so complicated and busies lives. The connection is also the inspiration. I am not walking this path alone, which every mother should not just hear, but feel.

When I graduated IIN, I was asked to speak on stage during the last weekend. Gulp. I knew that I was meant to be up there, but why? What was I supposed to say to inspire and share my experience with 1,500 plus students? And yet, what I had experienced during the training was a connection back to myself. Starting there, meant that I could expand into other areas, my children, my career, my friendships, my family, my passions and ultimately my relationship with my husband.

I delivered my speech on stage that day ending with the words, "Now being a mother is no longer my role, it is my inspiration." That is my intention for the group.