Smoothie For Two

This boy is a green smoothie addict. I simply put kale, parsley or other random greens in his smoothies, and by the end of his gulping, he is a green monster mess. Called "moomies," I try to share with him. I'm not a winter smoothie person, but when spring comes I can't get enough. Neither can he, so my sharing idea hasn't worked out so well. Every now and then we try, though the straws are still a bit tough for him. I'll share our basic formula, have fun creating your own. In other news, I will be giving a "Food as Energy" workshop at RISD this weekend. I will be doing some hands on food prep with the participants, I can't wait to serve them a green smoothie! I will post the recipes I use on the blog to share with all of you. The Get Real Group starts next week, I'll be reporting on how that is going. Lastly, Cynthia's signed copy of her book, Feeding The Whole Family arrived today, watch out for that give-away next week!

Green Smoothie Formula

2 kale or chard leaves

or 1/4 bunch of parsley

cucumber or celery (optional)

banana or pineapple, apple or mango, pear or grapes

frozen strawberries/blueberries/peaches/cherries

chia or flax seeds

handful of nuts

coconut oil

cacao (optional to transform into a chocolate smoothie)

water or rice/almond milk