This Is How I Eat

As much as I love high quality healthy food, I don't always get to the Farmer's Market, or have time to prepare lavish meals. I eat simply. My kids eat simply. When food is fresh and whole, it doesn't need the attack from other outside sources. A little olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper go a long way to turning a food into a sensory explosion! I went to the store this morning, I was out of eggs (if you read my blog, my love affair with eggs is no secret, nor my desire to have my own chicken) and needed a few items for the next couple of days. It's 50/50 with me on the olive oil. I like to buy organic, sometimes I save the money and get the cheaper stuff. Today mangoes were on sale and ripe, I bought four of them and will transform them for dessert night tomorrow into mango pudding using soaked cashews and only 2 or 3 other ingredients. Tonight we are having falafel, the chick peas are soaking as I write this. Steamed artichokes with warm butter (or olive oil for me) with lemon and salt for dipping. Baba Ghannouj and sprouts are for my lunch with a couple of hard boiled eggs. And the kombucha is my treat!

This was Eli and Lucas' lunch the other day. Popcorn with coconut oil, raw cheddar cheese, pear and carrots. I put out big bowls and trays and they can help themselves as they get hungry. I keep it out until it empties which with little boys can take hours! Please note, I have 2 dishes to wash rather than multiple ones, no macaroni pots to scrub! I don't make them sit still at every meal. Eli just can't do it. He takes a bite and then needs to move. So I have breakfast and dinner as the still meals and lunch on the "go" for him. A friend and reader has requested kid friendly meal ideas, so watch the blog and the newsletter for more on how I feed the kiddos! (Thanks for the suggestion Lara!)

I have set a strong intention of feeling like the picture above with my children, rather than worrying about the house being clean (much more on that to come) or preparing a fancy meal or feeling guilty about anything. It is taking much focus, discipline and deep breaths. A mantra that is working for me is "My life is as it should be. I am full, focused and loved."