Breakfast Tacos

Sometimes you have a really good idea. If the kids think it's a really good idea, well then, it must be fantastic. And they here are some fantastic breakfast tacos! Left over shells from the night before, some meat and scrambled egg. Chloe and I had some tomato, kale and salsa and our anti anything green except avocado boy had ketchup! (I didn't have any avocado.)

Chloe finished hers off and asked for the rest of mine and the rest of Eli's. Combine a growth spurt and one of her favorite foods and one must make sure you have seconds and thirds around. My breakfast tacos were such a hit that I tried fish tacos for dinner another night. Chloe told us it was too many textures all at once, polite for, the fish is gross. Eli took one bite and informed us that his belly was full. Win some, lose some.