We're Cleansing...Care To Join?

An example of a dinner you might enjoy on this cleanse. Wild salmon (in season now) salad with strawberries, fennel and capers!

I thought I would write just a tiny bit about the cleanse we will be doing on August 5th. I am excited to lead motivated people through what I think will be a wonderfully freeing and uplifting journey, simply by altering the foods we are eating. It comes at a great time for me, as building my business can bring a bit of stress to our house. That is when I hit the corn chips, even though they hurt my stomach. I have a few, then a few more. My stomach hurts but I have my corn chip high to get me through the cleaning, phone calls, child adventures, and other eruptions that may take place.

Together we will strip our diets down to a seasonal, fresh, simple way of eating for 10 days. I expect huge results from those who are able to stick with it. More energy, focus and confidence being the three main ones. What could 10 days with no sugar do to change your body? What might the absence of dairy do for your skin or your seasonal allergies? If you want more information, click on my website link at the top right of this page and look under events. If you would like to sign up for my newsletter please leave me a comment.

The question most are asking is will the cleanse be family friendly? See this little guy here, he has been eating this way since his first bite of food and is looking pretty good to me!