Yin Yang

Lots of rainy days

See that little gap of the missing tooth?

My teething baby has sent me into nights of much nursing and little sleeping, a familiar story as he follows 2 children who now have a mouthful of teeth. As Chloe has been loosing her teeth she has started to read, taking books into her bed at night and reading by flashlight. Eli pretends he has a loose tooth and sits reading books to us as though he actually knows every word on the page. And the little drooling "baby bot" (as he has fondly come to be known in this house) simply can't get enough of his brother and sister's books, blocks, teeth, giggles, hugs, and shear presence.

He has also fallen for the daily routine of going in or out of schools. He shutters with joy when we get to the classroom of either sibling. Arriving early to pick Chloe up yesterday, I tried to go unnoticed by the kids and sneak to the little bench outside the class. Lucas wanted no part in the trickery, he craned his neck as far as he could to see in the class and when that didn't work he tried to leap from my arms and take matters into his own hands!

Our days are feeling cluttered as we move from routine of school into visions of a summer routine. I am looking for my personal yin/yang...balance for myself and the kids. The last few days I have tried to follow an obvious yet tricky rule. Simply do what you are doing with full focus and attention. Since starting school and my counseling business I feel as though I am trying to do 3 or 4 things at once and never giving my full attention to anything. So the other day when playing on the floor with the little bot I did not turn around to try to sneak in 10 minutes on the computer, I just played. Eli came over and we built towers and knocked them over. Forgetting about the ever evolving "to do list" in my foggy brain, I just played with those two sweet boys and had fun.

Wanting for weeks to sit down and blog, I finally sit down and write. Three attempts now at one blog entry, I will not find time to do my usual editing. I make a list in my head now as the house is quiet of how to priorize...of what comes next in the fleeting minutes I have. My yin/yang meal will come shortly after this. It is perfect for this weather that makes you cold to your toes.

My thoughts are of balance and planning and being fully present...how about yours?