A Mother's Day

I love how a picture freezes a moment in time and creates calm! The kids were climbing all over Patrick, hiding their heads (ok, not Chloe) from the wild wind that was blowing at Casey Farm on Mother's Day. Not great for our picnic but a sunny day in one of my favorite places.

I love this picture...I can't even remember why Chloe was putting her hand over Eli's mouth but seeing the smile emerge from under her hand is so Eli! And I may never have seen the resemblance before, but Chloe and I seem to be sharing a look.

I have guilt about wanting to actually be alone or with other women sipping cocktails on Mother's Day rather than being with my kids. It is after all Mother's Day. I remember making cards and silly gifts for my mother growing up and you are supposed to celebrate with her right? Well, now being a mother I have visions of quiet on this day, of being reflective if I choose to be, or just being able to eat a meal without a baby screaming at me. I'm not saying I want the whole day, just a little bit of time; that is what I will be asking for as a gift next year. I'm a stay at home mom and to me what a nice way to feel the joy of what I do by getting the day off!

Balance is elusive sometimes. I don't eat well for a few days and my body screams for fresh greens. I miss a day at the gym and I get crabby. I'm over worked I can't appreciate. Balance brings me joy. So next year, I will leave the guilt behind and find some balance!

2 Egg Omelette

1 TB coconut oil
2 pastured eggs, mixed in small bowl
1/2 avocado, sliced
2 TB green salsa

mixed greens dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
green olives

Melt oil in pan, add eggs and allow to firm up, add avocado and salsa, then fold in half. Place over greens and garnish with olives. Salt and pepper to taste. Eat slowly.

Spring Cocktail

3 juicing oranges, squeezed into pitcher
1 lemon, squeezed into pitcher
1 tsp agave
4 ounces gin

Stir it all together and serve with joy!