Hannah's Harvest

As women reclaim their health and relationship with themselves, they will, as mothers, create a future of health through their children.

I am so happy to announce my new business, Hannah's Harvest, Health Counseling for Women and Families. Please take a moment to visit my website and share with your family and friends to help me spread the word. It is my intention to create a ripple effect of health and happiness and support families in discovering whole foods, health goals and many other joys in life.

The name Hannah's Harvest seemed to be the perfect name for my Health Counseling adventures so the blog has taken on a new name, Hannah's Harvest Thoughts. It may change if a more creative name inspires me.

When talking with the kids about what I will be doing to help teach people Eli decided to make a list of healthy foods for me. Among the foods was asparagus (pronounced spa-gare-a-gus!), carrots and almonds...not too shabby. Later after dinner the kids were having a special St. Patrick's dessert of coconut milk ice cream with a tiny splash of chocolate syrup. Chloe comes into the living room laughing that we need to hear what Eli is saying. So he repeats himself loudly, "This ice cream is making me out of control." His first food mood connection!