Don't Cry Over Spilt...Tapioca?

Baby number three can make you a bit defiant of the laws of gravity and open boxes of tapioca. My ego as a third time mother has me running around doing any task with one hand when Lucas does not want to be put down. So I have made a birthday cake with one hand, pasta, pesto...I was on a role until the tapioca. Lucas in one hand, open box of tapioca in the other, bend over slightly to grab a bowl and what a pretty little sound the little balls make cascading all over the floor. Imagine the entire floor looks just like the picture above. The good news, I actually didn't cry...thank you very much hormones. More good news, I still had about 2 TB of tapioca in the box and that's all I needed. Somebody pour me a glass of wine.

Eli has been an amazing helper in the kitchen. Most of our projects have been a bust, but so much fun making them with the kids and somehow it all gets eaten. Stay tuned for recipe of coconut tapioca pudding.