Two months until baby 3 arrives and I wanted bread and soup today. It may be 81 degrees in here but I've been gluten free and missing bread. Two hours after the chopping of onions started we sat down to Roasted Corn Chowder and Gypsy Soda Bread (gluten-free of course). My very large belly, complete with heels and knees morphing from it, is full and happy.

I love Mondays. Our only plan is to visit the library in the afternoon and languish in the air conditioning while we read as many books as we can. Then we drag ourselves out to the hot car and stick to the seats as we drive home to cook dinner. And if we are really crazy make soup and bread. Lazy summer days hanging with my kids has been more relaxing than expected.

Today in the garden the kids found one of our praying mantises and he was not wanting his picture taken. That little guy could run fast, but we finally got him to sit still on a rock just long enough to capture the moment. Chloe wanted to take pictures and used me as her subject. I figured I was going to need a few pictures of this pregnancy to prove to the baby someday that he/she was really inside me.

Now as I'm listening to their daddy read them bedtime stories I'm thinking of that bread and how yummy it is going to be with scrambled eggs in the morning!