Eli has spent the last few days defying green. He is like a superhero determined to keep parsley out of his egg salad and green beans can go in his ear but he will protect his mouth from the crispy creatures. Chloe and I have been busy in the kitchen...making hummus, guacamole, and Cuban black beans and rice. Her favorite part was making mint ice cubes with all the left-over mint. We make sure we have a pitcher of ice tea sitting on the counter at all times as we all get a bit bored with ice water. Feeling better these last few weeks and getting back to healthy eating has brightened my outlook which was truly a bit rotten if I'm telling the truth.

The CSA has been a bit boring and garlic scapes are piling up in my freezer. One final potluck of the summer and I will be whipping up a batch of garlic scape pesto and bringing a huge vat of pasta drowning in the stuff. However, I have turnip and beet greens, as well as red leaf lettuce for a huge salad with dinner tonight. What a pleasure to eat salad again. Now let's see what the superhero has to say about those "red" leaves.